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About Us

We began our business raising bees and honey about 25 years ago.  We have played with blackberries, blueberries and a few fruit trees, but over the years, we have focused on honey.

       Our most popular product is our creamed honey that we make in  regular,  cinnamon, and this year we  expanded to include jalapeno.   Jim and Hailey spend most of their time explaining how it is made to customers since most Texans have never seen or tasted it.

      If you ever make a visit to the farm, you’ll also see Sonny, our resident miniature horse, hanging out under his favorite shade tree. Sonny is 37 years old and was our daughter's show horse many years ago.  He definitely enjoys his life in retirement these days.

      Clodia and Jim are both graduates of Sam Houston State University. Jim worked for TSCRA as a brand inspector for many years and finally retired in 2018.  In his spare time loves new “projects”…hence the berry farm and bees! Clodia has now retired as the librarian of Shepherd High School and has lived in Shepherd most of her life. Their daughter and son-in-law (Hailey and Cole) were married on the farm in 2012 and are now in the process of building their new home on the farm. They have a feisty 7-year old daughter who LOVES to help her Pop and Coco fill honey orders and make products! ​